Greener Eating and Sustainable Food

speakerBev Sedley from Cambridge Carbon Footprint kept us guessing with some tricky and thought-provoking questions on where the UK stands in terms of carbon emissions per head compared to what is sustainable, and which foods produce the highest carbon emissions.

worldcarbonWe discussed ways we can eat and shop differently to reduce our environmental impact without losing out. Meat could be a treat rather than for every day, and the same with processed foods like cheese. Throwing less food away is also important.

foodIt makes a huge difference whether a punnet of strawberries you buy was grown locally in June or air-freighted to the UK in December. We all agreed that more informative packaging is needed, which ties in with the WI’s current campaign for Country of Origin Labelling.

Bev finished by telling us more about Cambridge Sustainable Food, a new initiative to join up various schemes that champion local food and improve access to sustainable eating. College caterers have been very interested, and there is strong local demand.