Multi Meeting Update

We’ve been super busy throughout the autumn so we’re just getting to update the blog now!

In September we had Ruth and Jo from Arty Farty Tea Party come and lead us in several fun crafts. We wove yarn on sticks and made floral garlands. Baby Merryn came dressed for the occasion and made sure our work was up to scratch!



In October we had Ann Mitchell from Transition Cambridge come talk to us about how to combat food waste in our own kitchens.  We did some fun activities coming up with recipes from a preset list of leftovers and talked about the local politics of dealing with this issue.


Also in October we tried something new with our Food Bank collections.  Instead of just having people bring them and put them straight into the hamper in the lobby of the venue, we asked members to bring donations inside so we could collect them all on a table.  We hope this inspires more members to remember to bring a donation every meeting.


Here’s the October collection:


In November we had our Skillshare meeting, where three of our own members ran hands-on demonstrations of various activities.  Kimberly taught us how to do brush embroidery with royal icing on cookies, Alana taught jewelry making techniques, and Fiona taught us all about blackout poetry.  It was so much fun all around!  And at no time did anyone naughty ever write anything inappropriately hilarious on a cookie or pretend to lick the icing bags.  Nope.  Not much, anyway.


Here’s our Food Bank table for November, including Christmas goodies like chocolate advent calendars for the kids:


Early in December Shani organized a special first aid training course for several members, all of whom are now ready to leap into action to save lives!


For our December meeting we had our Christmas social with lots of fun games, delicious food, and a cake honouring last year’s Christmas social which is said to have featured “so much cheese”.  Several members were recreated by Kimberly in mini sugar mouse form on the cheese-shaped cake, and then re-re-created their poses.  It was like Inception except with more cheese and cake and laughter.


And we once again collected a fab pile of goodies for the Food Bank:


That wraps up our last few months.  To see what shenanigans we’re up to in 2017, stay tuned or come to a meeting and join us!

Photos mostly by Melanie Reed, a few by Kimberly Chapman and Shani Eliraz.