“Together we can be a powerful force for change.”

Ever since its formation in 1915, the WI has campaigned on issues that matter to its members. These wide-ranging issues include: urging more public health education to prevent venereal disease in the 1920s; calling for more women police in the 1930s; lobbying for equal pay for equal work in the 1940s; working to Keep Britain Tidy in the 1950s; debating the dangers of smoking in the 1960s; lobbying the government to set up breast cancer clinics in the 1970s; being one of the first organisations to talk about AIDS in the 1980s; and joining forces with others to found the Fairtrade Foundation in the 1990s. Many of these campaigns raised awareness of controversial issues and have led to changes in legislation and government policy.

Some of the current campaigns and initiatives:

  • Time to Talk – Organ Donation
  • More Midwives
  • SOS for Honeybees
  • Care Not Custody
  • Climate Change
  • Dementia Friendly Communities
  • The Great Food Debate
  • SOS for Hight Streets and Town Centres

Members are at the heart of the WI, and campaigns are formed from the grassroots of the organisation. Individual WIs can submit resolutions on issues they care passionately about, and these then go through a consultation and discussion process. If short-listed and passed at the AGM, the resolution becomes a mandate that the WI and its members work on at a national level. You can find out more about the resolution process here.

We would love to get the Ladybirds more involved in campaigning for what we believe in, and make a difference both locally and nationally. Talk to Alana our Campaign Officer at the next meeting or email if you want to get involved with campaigning.