By now it is a well-established fact that the Ladybirds love to cook…and to eat!

Our Cake Fairy, Sue, ensures that a couple of members each month bring along something delicious to our meetings. We bake cakes for stalls at festivals and swishes and always find these to be an excellent fundraiser. And finally, we have held a Bake Off at our August 2014 and April 2015 meetings, and encountered a staggering array of delicious concoctions. In 2016 the Bake Off will take place in March, which also happens to coincide with our AGM (as extra-incentive to come along to a very important meeting!).

And so, it seemed only natural that we would eventually decide to create a Ladybirds Cookbook. The Cookbook Sub-Committee met for the first time in February this year to dream up some wonderfully ambitious plans – and we’re very excited to now invite recipe submissions from members.

The theme for the cookbook is SWEET THINGS, which could include cakes, muffins, traybakes, tarts & pies, desserts, puddings, jam, sweets, and so on. Over the past couple of years we’ve tried so many wonderful Ladybirds cakes and bakes, so we know there are some exceptional recipes out there!

Want to submit a recipe? Here are our cookbook guidelines:

  • You must be a member of the Ladybirds (or have been a member in 2014 or 2015).
  • You are welcome to submit as many recipes as you like. Please do this by completing the pdf or Word doc we have emailed to you. Download whichever form format you prefer, fill it out, SAVE it locally, then email it back to us at: If you have any problems with this then we also have some printed copies available, which we will then type up ourselves.
  • It would be very special if a little story could accompany each recipe. For example: is it a family recipe? Did you make this for a special occasion? How long have you been making it? Do you typically forage/grow the ingredients, etc.
  • If you have a relevant photo that could potentially be used in the book, then please email it to the above address. It could be a photo of the finished product, the original handwritten recipe, you and/or your family, the ingredients (eg. apples from your tree), etc.
  • We also can’t guarantee that we’ll use every recipe or photo (this will depend on multiples, quality of photos, the final size of the book, etc), and we might have to edit them slightly.
  • We don’t want multiples of recipes (ie. 5 lemon drizzle cakes), so we’ll include the first recipe submitted. If you really want your recipe included, then submit it quickly!
  • In regards to copyright, if you’re using someone else’s recipe then please re-title and re-word the recipe.
  • And finally, all recipes have to be submitted in metric (no cups, ounces, pounds, etc). We want it all to be uniform, and we’d really prefer to not do the conversions ourselves! So grams, milliliters, tablespoons and teaspoons, please. 

If you have any questions about these points, or if you have trouble with the pdf, then please email us. We’d love for there to be at least one recipe from every member, and it would be a shame for a technical issue to stand in the way!

The deadline for submitting recipes is the end of March, and we hope to have the book printed and ready to sell by July. This is a fundraising venture, so we hope to be able to sell copies at the various events we run/attend over the year…as well as to Ladybirds and other WI members.

A few more details…

Cookbook Sub-Committee:
Alana, Elaina, Emily, Karina, Kiemia, Sharron, Sophia, & Sophie

Contact email:

Submission deadline: 31 March 2016

Submission pdf: Ladybirds cookbook form (updated form)