Getting Involved


As with most WIs, the Ladybirds have a general meeting once a month. But we manage to squeeze a lot more events, clubs, and social gatherings into the month as well!

We try to make sure there is something for everyone…and we often hear about all sorts of other fantastic ideas – from our own members and from other WIs. If you would like for something else to be on offer then please do speak with a committee member at one of our meetings (or email us). We especially love it when our members get involved with organising and running events!

So what’s currently on offer? We have a very active Craft Club, which has been described by some as the best night of the month! We’re currently working on a Cookbook as a fundraiser, and are inviting all past and present Ladybirds to contribute as many recipes as they’d like.

Every few months we organise a Swish (clothes swap) and bake sale, which always go down very well – and are a fabulous way to revive one’s wardrobe! We also organise extra social events every so often: in the past we’ve gone bat punting, we’re gazed at the stars at the Institute of Astronomy, and we’ve attended an outdoor play at the annual Shakespeare Festival. Some of us even learned how to do auto maintenance!

The Ladybirds are also a regular feature at local festivals and fairs such as Strawberry Fair, Women of the World Festival, the Girton Feast, and Mill Road Winter Fair. Sometimes we dress up and sell cakes, sometimes books, sometimes crafty little things that our members have created. All the proceeds either go to raising funds for monthly speakers, towards our Ladybirds educational bursaries, or to our annual elected local charity.

All these extra events and activities bring our members closer together, and some incredible friendships have been forged over knitting and crocheting and bake sales!